training | student status & courses  

The six-course (plus 200 hours supervised field training) college level program offers the student an opportunity for practical knowledge of how to administer chaplaincy in different settings. The course work is intended to be completed in one year and is required to be completed in three years.
Classes are presented in the module format which means face-to-face contact hours are completed  over one weekend. Students are expected to finish the required textbook reading and assignments by specific due dates. All contact hours, assignments, and final exams must be successfully completed to pass the class.
Courses are delivered online via Zoom and the course work in accomplished using Canvas.  The time frame becomes more important than the location.  Each course consists of   lectures, and group interaction.  
Once accepted into the program candidates may finish the training according to their finances and schedules. We have worked hard to keep the cost of the program affordable.
Credit Status
There are two methods to gain credit student status.  A person must have at least two years of Bible/Theology education. A four-year degree from a recognized college is preferred.
The second method to gain credit status for the who do not have a formal college degree is as follows:  
  • Bible knowledge verification. This means a pastor (former or current) or mentor can verify the candidates equivalency of a two-year Bible education.
  • This will need to be a ministerial person whose teaching you have sat under for a minimum of five years. They will also need to vouch for your character.  
  • They are to write a letter to us, verifying who they are (their qualifications, i.e. what qualifies them to be the verification person ), how long you sat under their teaching, and the specifics they have observed of you demonstrated Bible knowledge. Example, they have evaluated you teaching, preaching, leading a Bible study or home group.
  • Once we receive all requested documents, you will complete a Bible entrance exam. We are looking to see that you know the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.
Audit Status
All the courses at CCI can be audited, which means you take the course not for credit. The class is more for personal growth and knowledge. Also, you are not required to complete the assignments.

FDM 101 | Fundemtals of Chapaincy

This class is designed to introduce the student to the ministry of chaplaincy and the various places of service. It will help answer the questions: "What is chaplaincy, and do I want to be one"?

FDM 102 | Inter-Faith Environment 

This class is designed to help the student be prepared to minister in places where others faiths are present with respect yet holding to their own beliefs.

Coun 103 | Biblical Counseling 

This class is designed to aid in a Christian approach without overwhelming people. It is practical ways to minister to hurting people.

coun 104 | Crisis Counseing

Here again, this is a practical class in the do's and don'ts s of ministering in crisis situations. It also clarifies the uniqueness of chaplaincy in a crisis.

coun 105| faith & Human Suffering

This class is design to help individuals deal with the 'hard questions' regarding suffering and how might it effect one's faith in God and the Bible.

Coun 106 | Death & Dying

Death is a part of life which brings pain for all people who experience loss associated with it. The goal here is to understand grief and it stages and to prepare the student to minister grace and love, in the presence of the Holy Spirit.