training & courses  

The training program consists of six module classes and  200 hours of supervised Field Training.  
 Classes are done in the module format which means that the class time is completed in one weekend.
 Classes are held at locations in the city of Montclair, CA. Location is dependent on class size.
Each module will consist of lectures, group interaction, role play and more. Each module will have textbooks and assignments to complete as well as a final exam.
 Once accepted into the program candidates may finish the training according to their finances and schedules. We have worked hard to keep the cost of the program affordable.

M1 | Fundemtals of Chapaincy

This class is designed to introduce the student to the ministry of chaplaincy and the various places of service. It will help answer the questions: "What is chaplaincy, and do I want to be one"?

M2 | Inter-Faith Environment 

This class is designed to help the student be prepared to minister in places where others faiths are present with respect yet holding to their own beliefs.

M3 | Biblical Counseling 

This class is designed to aid in a Christian approach without overwhelming people. It is practical ways to minister to hurting people.

M4 | Crisis Counseing

Here again, this is a practical class in the do's and don'ts s of ministering in crisis situations. It also clarifies the uniqueness of chaplaincy in a crisis.

M5 | faith & Human Suffering

This class is design to help individuals deal with the 'hard questions' regarding suffering and how might if effect one's faith in God and the Bible.

M6 | Death & Dying

Death is a part of life which brings with pain for many people. The goal here is to understand grief and it stages and to prepare student to minister the grace, love, and presence of the Holy Spirit.