Guatemala Projects

In December (2023) we began doing small projects in Guatemala. The first one was to provide beans and rice to a specific poor and rural area. Our feet on the ground our two wonderful ladies, Ana and Carmen, along with others who made it happen. The Lord was gracious and the project was successful. Approximately 60 households were given, beans, rice, onions, oil, and salt. Thank you to our workers in the states and Guatemala and Thank you to our donors for enhancing God's Kingdom through giving.

School supplies

We continued to work on providing school supplies to children at an orphanage.  We became aware of this need and supplies were gathered and provided for fifty children in April (2024).  We were able to Thank the workers at the orphanage and provide them with a Thank you gift bag.  Thank you to our providers for this project.

Next project

We are currently working on personal hygiene bags for sixty boys in an orphanage in Guatemala. The bags contain the following items:  toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face cloth, comb, brush, soap, wet wipes. We will be adding another bag for each boy with underwear, socks, and T-shirts. They will also get a small ziplock bag of toys and candy. Our hope is that  will be able to supply the orphanage with shampoo and soap which will be purchased in Guatemala. We are planning to send the items with a small team in  September. 


Your help is appreciated!